Are cryptocurrencies on borrowed time in Russia? And why might things not be that bad?

Russia’s major banking watchdog Central Bank releases alarming presentation for ‘discussions’: cryptocurrencies minting and mining might be restricted; accepting crypto for services and goods might be fined.

Russia goes full China on crypto. Or not?

Today, on Jan.20, 2022, several media outlets in…

Mainstream NFT creator and investor Animoca Brands are at the halfway point to decacorn’s status.

While some countries are accelerating their anti-crypto crackdowns, major blockchain firms are strengthening their positions in the classical banking segment.

BitMEX CEO and CFO bought the oldest bank in Germany. It has operated since 1754!

According to the official statement by BitMEX crypto derivatives exchange, its officials Alexander Höptner (CEO)…

Analysts of Fidelity Investments indicated crucial support for flagship cryptocurrency as it re-claims $44,000 level.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency, briefly tumbles below $40,000 for the first time since Sept.22, 2021. However, some indicators show that the two-month bearish trend might be close to ending.

Bitcoin finds ‘pivotal’ support at $40,000: Fidelity’s Jurrien Timmer

Mr. Tummer, an expert in macro…


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