Guess who was lucky enough to buy crypto king at 88% discount?

This week, Bitcoin’s new all-times-high at $67,000 was in the spotlight for crypto enthusiasts. GetBlock invites you to cut through the noise and chaos and check some other records of this turbulent week.

Bitcoin at $8,000, for U.S. residents only

When Bitcoin, a flagship cryptocurrency…

Our Binance Smart Chain (BSC) node will empower a large-scale Play-to-Earn tournament.

GetBlock, a top-tier API nodes provider for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon (ex-Matic), Ethereum and 40+ blockchains, has entered into a partnership with Noft Games.

GetBlock supports Noft Games Cup 2021 as BSC nodes API vendor

Leading BaaS provider GetBlock announced it becomes an official partner of Noft Games, a…

Bitcoin network now fully recovered from Chinese anti-miners witch-hunt.
Bitcoin difficulty is back above 20T while the N.Y. authorities issue another ‘cease-and-desist’ order to cryptocurrency services.

Bitcoin difficulty in green for four months in a row

Bitcoin network difficulty is a metric that displays how it is difficult to add one new block to the first blockchain.It is adjusted fortnightly…

ARK Invest’s Cathie Wood claims Bitcoin (BTC) is ready for 10x rally while DOT explodes onto Top-10 cryptos.

Today, on Oct. 14, 2021, Bitcoin (BTC) price briefly touched $58,000 level. Thus, flagship crypto smashed five-months high: Bitcoin hasn’t been so expensive since May 10. …

What’s special about running an archive node and who may need this option? GetBlock answers.

Typically, modern blockchains utilize three types of nodes, i.e. full nodes, archive nodes and light nodes. Here’s the differences between them — and which applications should integrate Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, or Ethereum archive node.

Running BSC, Ethereum, Polygon Archive node: basics

Here’s why integrating blockchain nodes API into your application may be a smart bet right now, in Q4, 2021

GetBlock, a high-profile blockchain nodes provider, lists the advantages of connecting to BSC, Polygon, ethereum nodes API, for modern Web3 businesses.

Blockchain nodes API for dApps: Money

Liquidity structures are the DNA of every crypto-centric protocol. Decentralized…

And who else can benefit from the PRC anti-crypto witch-hunt.

It looks like in Q3-Q4, 2021, Beijing is deadly serious in its anti-crypto attacks. How does it affect the segment as a whole? And why is this a story about great opportunities?

What happened?

In September, 2021, People’s Bank of China (PBoC)…

September became quite a busy month for our team, and we have a bunch of news to share with the developer community. From a newly released tech product, nodes launches and updates, developer guides and resources to the sponsorship of the Polygon hackathon — that is how we started a…

Missed Solana and Avalanche rallies? GetBlock found some tokens you should give a look.

Since its inception in mainnet in mid-2015, Ethereum is a benchmark of smart contracts environments. All notable concepts, designs, instruments, and so on had been first introduced on Ethereum and only then migrated to other blockchains.

Cross-chain interoperability, i.e. the opportunity to seamlessly move value between different blockchains, becomes the new normal for Web3 industry. GetBlock reviews the most crucial products and assets in this red-hot segment.

In 2020–2021, when Ethereum network fees spiked and the whole blockchain stuck in a tremendous overload, the time came…


GetBlock is a service that provides fast and easy API connection to blockchain nodes of 40+ cryptocurrencies.

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