Seasoned hedge fund manager Mark Yusko shares ultra-bullish prediction on BTC price.

Bitcoin is on track to reaching $250,000 price level, Mr. Yusko told CNBC’s host Melissa Lee.

‘$250,000 for Bitcoin’ prediction isn’t just pulled out of the air

Wall Street veteran Mark Yusko stated that Bitcoin (BTC) could reach $250,000 if adopted as ‘new gold’. Approximate net capitalization of lustrous…

Bulls are going through the bloodbath, as Bitcoin (BTC) plunge accelerates.

Crypto capitalization plummets to multi-week lows, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Solana (SOL) bulls suffer the most.

Since Nov.15, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls lost $600 mln in liquidations

According to the independent analytical dashboard Coinglass (previously Bybt), almost $600 mln in long positions of Bitcoin (BTC) traders were erased since…

Ethereum (ETH) rise might accelerate despite the ongoing dip, crypto expert says.

Prominent economist and investor Raoul Pal, founder of Real Vision financial media outlet, shares his prediction on ETH rally prospects for December, 2021.

ETH might add 300% by the end of 2021: Economist Raoul Pal

Mr. Paul has taken to Twitter to state that Ether, a second cryptocurrency, has all…

Is crypto a ‘haram’ for two billion people worldwide?

Indonesian Religious Council, a core Muslim religious regulation body, has released a sensational decree.

Indonesian Ulema Council: Crypto is banned for Muslims

Yesterday, on Nov.11, 2021, Bloomberg media outlet shared that Indonesian Religious Council declared all crypto-related business prohibited for Muslims.

According to the statement by Dr. Asrorun…


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