About the Hive Project

Four areas of Hive blockchain activities

Hive is an Estonian blockchain company with Japanese roots. The Hive founders present it as the world’s first platform for funding cryptocurrency accounts.

  • Eesty is a smart wallet for exchanging funds with the Blockhive mining pools hashpower.
  • Mining.
  • Fundraising, Initial Lending (ILP) managed by Tokenote using smart contracts to generate digital loan agreements
  • e-Best Ventures investment unit.

Hive hardfork was created as a result of the Tron corporation takeover that appeared on the network on March 23, 2020. The Hive cryptocurrency is focused on the decentralized social blogging platforms content.

How Hive works

User blog posts and comments are posted on the Hive blockchain. Users receive immediate income by tracking and voting on posts. Up Vote has more features than just curating. For example, upvotes bring profit to both authors and the upvoters. Up Voter their rewards in Hive and Hive Dollars (HBD) are received after the author who got upvotes.
Hive cryptocurrency operates based on Proof of Stake consensus. The management of the network is in the hands of the users with the most coins.
To anticipate potential collusion, the Hive DPoS algorithm has been changed. Users can only vote with coins that have been stored in their accounts for more than thirty days.


As of this writing, Hive is the only blockchain platform that can support real-world applications using social applications.

  • Low entry and rewards threshold.
  • Transactions up to three seconds.
  • Integrated token distribution.
  • Network scalability with high bandwidth and placement and resource storage.
  • Performance tested over four years in a variety of apps and projects around the world.
  • Smart Media Token integration is planned.

An ideal platform for many innovative projects targeting a wide range of areas from open source development to online social games. Hive strives to occupy a blockchain project niche for dApp development.

The largest exchanges that trade Hive:

The Hive crypto coin is developing, so it is a speculative bet where you can get a big win. But there is a big chance of loss as well. The project’s development depends on its creators and the whole crypto community.

Originally published at https://getblock.io on October 20, 2020.



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