Boba Network now supports BNB Chain

Boba Network L2 Solution Integrates BNB Chain

Boba Network, the largest Cross-Chain Layer 2 Solution, adds BNB Chain to its supported blockchain stack.

Powerful scaling solution Boba Network shared details of its integration with top smart contract platform BNB Chain.

Boba Network now supports BNB Chain

According to the Boba Network (BOBA) team, its scaling mechanism is now available for all dApps on the BNB chain, one of the largest programmatic blockchains.

🤩 Let’s welcome BobaBNB! 🤩

We’re excited to announce the launch of scaling solution for @BNBCHAIN! 🚀

BobaBNB caters to the massive user base and dev community enabling smarter contracts and lightning fast transactions 🏎️
🧵 1/X

— Boba Network 🧋 x #BNBChain (@bobanetwork) November 1, 2022

Starting November 1, Web3 developers, who are interested in deploying dApps on the BNB chain, now can take the advantage from Boba Network’s ridiculously low fees and high throughput. BNB Chain is the first blockchain added by Boba Network following the release of its cutting-edge hybrid computing computing framework.

Earlier this year, Boba Network has integrated Ethereum (ETH), Fantom (FTM), Avalanche (AVAX) and Moonbeam (GLMR) mainnets into its overall cross-chain ecosystem.

BNB Chain becomes available for mainstream dApps

According to the L2Beat tracking service, Boba Network is one of TVL’s top 10 layer 2 solutions for Ethereum (ETH) and EVM compatible chains.

In addition to cross-network integration, the partners also build a seamless decentralized bridge. In the new system, both core native assets (BOBA and BNB) are used as payment methods for transaction fees.

Boba Network’s L2 launch on BNB Chain is supported by some notable launch partners, including Sushi (formerly SushiSwap), BIZI, Nova Miningverse, Lady Blur, Chronogames, Foxtrot Command, Nifty Souq, and more.

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