Cash App adds Bitcoin Lightning Network
Cash App adds Bitcoin Lightning Network

Cash App Integrates Bitcoin Lightning Network

Fintech heavyweight Cash App adds Bitcoin Lightning Network for fast and cheap payments

Jack Dorsey’s Block has announced the integration of the Lightning Network, the mainstream L2 protocol for Bitcoin payments, into its Cash App.

Bitcoin Lightning Network payments finally live in Cash App

The Head Product Michael Rihani has announced that Bitcoin Lightning Payments are now available to Cash App users. Lighting payments can be authorized via qr-code or a direct link.

You can now receive #bitcoin instantly via the Lightning Network in @CashApp! ⚡

- Open Cash App
- Money tab -> Bitcoin
- Share QR code or link

What do you think?

Try it by sharing your link below 👇

— Michael Rihani⚡️ (@MichaelRihani) October 25, 2022

With 40 million users worldwide, Cash App is one of the most popular B2C payment app in the US.

Development of the Cash App was led by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey.

Mr. Dorsey is a long-time Bitcoin Lightning supporter: back in 2019, he emphasized that the protocol would be integrated into his application.

With Cash App, Bitcoin now can be transferred in seconds

The Bitcoin Lightning integration is critical to Cash App: it greatly improves the user experience for customers. The Bitcoin (BTC) network itself is not suitable for everyday payments: its transactions can wait more than 30 minutes to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin (BTC) can be transferred almost instantly via Lighting. This makes Cash App the first B2C application which integrates the Bitcoin (BTC) network’s dominant layer 2 solution.

In the Lightning Network coins are transferred through dedicated payment channels: this relieves the pressure on the mainnet and allows for dramatic reductions in transaction fees and confirmation times.

GetBlock Bitcoin (BTC) nodes: Gold standard for orange coin

GetBlock is a tier-1 blockchain node API provider connecting its clients to Bitcoin (BTC) network APIs. Therefore, any Web3 product and payment solution can follow the steps of Cash App to add Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method.

GetBlock charges crypto applications, trading bots, wallets, DEXs and CEXs through low-cost connections to shared and dedicated Bitcoin (BTC) nodes. The connection is available via JSON-RPC and REST methods with over 99% uptime.



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