Enhanced Starknet Airdrop Experience with GetBlock’s Starknet RPC: Accelerate Your STRK Claim

2 min readFeb 19, 2024
Starknet Airdrop Experience with GetBlock

GetBlock, a top RPC node service provider, is launching a special promotion for those participating in the STRK airdrop. Eligible wallet holders can now enhance their experience with GetBlock’s premium Starknet RPC endpoint, designed to circumvent network congestion and facilitate quicker token retrieval.

Typically, blockchain wallets interact with networks through standard RPC endpoints. For example, MetaMask uses Infura’s APIs for Ethereum connections. However, during high-demand periods, these default solutions can lead to slow performance due to network congestion.

To combat this, GetBlock is enabling its users to upgrade their wallets with dedicated Starknet nodes. Users simply need to register with GetBlock, activate their Starknet RPC endpoints at no cost, and integrate these endpoints into their blockchain wallets.

Setting up is straightforward and quick: GetBlock simplifies the process by not requiring email or credit card information, offering MetaMask authorization instead.

As per the announcement from Starknet Foundation on February 14, the airdrop’s initial phase commences on February 20, with 1.8 billion STRK tokens set to be distributed among over 1.3 million qualified early adopters, contributors, and community advocates.

GetBlock Continues Support for Airdrop Enthusiasts with RPS Solutions Starknet stands out as a highly sophisticated L2 solution atop Ethereum, utilizing a Validity (zero-knowledge) rollup to enhance Ethereum mainnet’s efficiency and transaction security.

Guide to Integrating Custom RPC into Your Starknet Wallet Adding GetBlock RPC endpoints to a Starknet wallet is straightforward and requires only a basic understanding of Web3.

GetBlock Account
  • Users must log in to GetBlock, authenticate using email or MetaMask, and navigate to the dashboard.
  • In the endpoints section, select Starknet protocol, choose Mainnet for the network type, and JSON-RPC for the API interface.
  • After clicking Get, users receive a private GetBlock RPC endpoint URL which can then be added to the Starknet wallet designated for claiming STRK tokens. For example, in Argent X, a leading Starknet wallet, custom RPC endpoints are added through Settings → Developer settings → Manage Networks. This integration ensures your wallet communicates with the blockchain via a private channel, avoiding competition for network resources with other STRK claimants.

GetBlock, a pioneer in blockchain RPC node services, applauds Starknet Foundation for its significant stride towards decentralization and enhanced Ethereum scalability. We are committed to assisting in the journey towards rapid and economical dApp development.




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