GetBlock in Paris: Rendezvous with the whole developer community at ETHCC 2023

5 min readJul 27, 2023
GetBlock in Paris: Ethereum Community Conference 2023 Recap

Ah, Paris, the city of love, croissants, and blockchain adventures! Get ready to join the epic journey of GetBlock, a leading Blockchain RPC provider as the team attends several significant events and even participates as a speaker at one of them. Let’s dive into this journey, or shall we say c’est parti!

First up, the Stable Summit, where leaders from the stablecoin world gathered like a herd of unicorns to shape the future of finance. GetBlock joined the fun and hobnobbed with friendly projects like KyberSwap — the ultimate stablecoin party crashers!

Next stop, the DeFi Security Summit, where GetBlock boldly faced the dark forces of hackers and cyber villains. Armed with shields of knowledge and swords of secure techniques, they proved that safety is their middle name! Seriously, they take security so seriously, even Fort Knox is envious.

Another side event we got invited to and couldn’t miss was the KUCOIN X FLOWDESK private cocktail party where we had a tête-à-tête about the web3 evolvement and our plans with our panthers — the KuCoin team. And we got a chance to exchange a few security insights with the guys from Hacken, a blockchain security auditor.

KUCOIN X FLOWDESK private cocktail party

Finally! Bonjour Ethereum Community Conference! This one was a blast. GetBlock was fully focused on technology and community during these days, meeting partners, new users, and fellow web3 projects, along with attending crypto economy and blockchain development speaking sessions.

“How about a Croissant?” — Thought GetBlock, and got to the Big Whale Breakfast. There we met the inventor of Ethereum Vitaly Buterin and spoke about decentralization and GetBlock a bit! No biggie, just casual chitchat over a buttery croissant.

Big Whale Breakfast: Vitaly Buterin & GetBlock CBDO

But the adventure didn’t stop there. GetBlock dashed to the InfraCon@ETHCC ’23 Presented by Biconomy and Particle Network, where we explored the magic of blockchain tech across different tracks. Think Account Abstraction, Wallet Infrastructure, and Zero Knowledge technology — all wrapped up in a Parisian bow. We also met our Partners from Pocked Network and felt like sharing a little gift with them, cause all you need is a Node!

GetBlock x Pocket Network

The Sui Builder House Event was a special one for us. Our Partners — the Sui Blockchain not only invited us to meet and collaborate with Sui builders or learn the latest developments and updates for building on the Sui but also to give a speech about dApp optimization and how RPC providers help. The CBDO of GetBlock, George Paliani showed the difference between a self-hosted node and a public one, spoke about RPC endpoint use cases, and shared a pretty useful video workshop on how easy it is to connect to Sui node. Look forward to future workshops with GetBlock!

Sui Builder House Event, GetBlock’s Workshop

Last, but not least door that was open for us was the Binance Blockchain Week event. We found our place in one of the century’s biggest technological developments there. From the metaverse to GameFi, DeFi, NFTs, and more — all topics covered.
Reminding that GetBlock offers you seamless access to BNB Blockchain via its powerful API.

So, there you have it, a whirlwind tour of GetBlock’s bon voyage in Paris. If you’re excited to jump on this wild blockchain ride, stay tuned and hop aboard future events with the GetBlock team! Because with them, you’re in for one heck of a blockchain joyride!


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With GetBlock, teams of crypto applications don’t need to run their own blockchain nodes: instead, they can get connected to blockchains via ready-made API endpoints. To meet the requirements of various dApps, GetBlock offers free and paid packages.

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