GetBlock Partners with Inery: Paving the Way for a Decentralized Data Economy

4 min readSep 29, 2023
GetBlock x Inery

The blockchain sector, consistently thriving and evolving, witnesses collaborations that can redefine the technological landscape. One such groundbreaking partnership is that of GetBlock, a prominent node service provider, with Inery, a groundbreaking blockchain protocol dedicated to database management systems.

Unveiling the Powerhouse: Inery

Inery is not your conventional blockchain. It emerges as a response to the inherent inefficiencies and challenges found in traditional database management systems. Rather than relying on or retrofitting existing systems, Inery made the audacious decision to build its own blockchain infrastructure from the ground up. After investing more than 4160 hours of coding and rigorous development, Inery’s proprietary layer-1 blockchain was birthed.

The objective is crystal clear: Inery is on a mission to pivot the market toward a new decentralized data economy. By introducing a specialized solution, it is not merely fixing existing problems but proactively shaping a future where data management is decentralized, secure, and efficient.

Inery’s Diverse Use Cases

What truly sets Inery apart is its adaptability. Thanks to its robust high-performance capabilities and unparalleled security framework, Inery’s blockchain finds relevance across myriad industries and use-cases.

  1. Supply Chain and Logistics: Inery can streamline operations by offering transparent, immutable records. This can facilitate real-time tracking and foster trust among stakeholders.
  2. Financial Services: From facilitating faster cross-border payments to introducing decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions, Inery can potentially revolutionize the financial industry.
  3. Healthcare: Patient data management can be enhanced with Inery, ensuring data privacy while offering transparent access to medical records for healthcare providers.
  4. Real Estate: Tokenization of properties and transparent transaction records can make real estate processes more transparent and secure.
  5. Government Services: For public records, voting systems, and more, Inery’s blockchain can offer a transparent and tamper-proof system.
  6. Retail: For a retail industry hungry for transparency, Inery can provide traceability from production to point of sale, ensuring product authenticity.

… and the list goes on. Virtually any sector that requires secure, transparent, and efficient data management can integrate Inery’s solutions for enhanced operations.

Understanding GetBlock: The Node Service Pioneer

GetBlock stands as one of the frontrunners in the domain of node services. Established with the aim of simplifying blockchain operations for developers and enterprises, GetBlock offers an easy access gateway to a wide range of blockchain nodes.
The platform eliminates the need for organizations to run their own nodes, thereby saving time, resources, and capital. GetBlock ensures that developers can effortlessly connect to multiple blockchains, making decentralized application (dApp) development more efficient and accessible. GetBlock’s commitment to reliability, scalability, and consistent uptime has made it a preferred choice for many in the blockchain ecosystem. In partnering with innovators like Inery, GetBlock reinforces its vision of fostering a seamless and interconnected decentralized world.

Exploring the Use-Cases of GetBlock

As blockchain technology continues to evolve, there’s an increasing demand for tools and platforms that can simplify the complexities of interacting with these networks. GetBlock, with its robust node services, has emerged as a critical solution for many stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem. Here are some of the prominent use-cases for GetBlock:

  1. dApp Development: Developers looking to build decentralized applications (dApps) need access to blockchain nodes to interact with the respective networks. With GetBlock, developers can easily connect to multiple blockchains via a unified API, accelerating the dApp development process.
  2. Wallet Services: Crypto wallets, both web-based and mobile, require constant access to blockchain networks to update balances, fetch transaction histories, and send/receive assets. GetBlock provides reliable node connectivity, ensuring wallets function seamlessly.
  3. Blockchain Analytics: Companies specializing in blockchain analytics or forensic services can utilize GetBlock to pull data from multiple networks. This is critical for tracking transactions, understanding on-chain trends, or investigating illicit activities.
  4. Exchanges and Custodial Services: Cryptocurrency exchanges, both centralized and decentralized, need reliable access to blockchain networks for trade execution, deposit/withdrawal processing, and balance verifications. GetBlock’s infrastructure ensures uninterrupted service.
  5. Smart Contract Deployment: Developers and businesses that aim to deploy smart contracts on networks like Ethereum can rely on GetBlock’s nodes for an efficient and hassle-free deployment process.
  6. Blockchain Research and Education: Academics, students, and researchers can utilize GetBlock for accessing blockchains, aiding in studies, experiments, and projects related to distributed ledger technology.
  7. Back-Up for Node Failures: For businesses that run their own nodes, GetBlock can act as a secondary backup. If their primary nodes face any issues, they can instantly switch to GetBlock’s services to ensure uninterrupted access to blockchains.
  8. Supply Chain Management: Companies looking to integrate blockchain for traceability in their supply chains can utilize GetBlock’s services to access and record data on respective blockchains.
  9. Gaming Platforms: Blockchain-based games, especially those dealing with in-game assets and NFTs, can use GetBlock to handle on-chain operations and verify asset ownership.

In essence, any service or application that requires an interaction with a blockchain can potentially benefit from GetBlock’s offerings. Their platform not only provides the necessary infrastructure but also ensures reliability, scalability, and efficiency — all critical components for the rapidly growing blockchain industry.

A Partnership Set to Revolutionize the Blockchain Realm

With GetBlock partnering with Inery, there’s immense potential to be unlocked. GetBlock, known for its reliable node services, can provide the necessary infrastructure to bolster Inery’s offerings. This synergy will not only ensure seamless operations for Inery’s blockchain but also enhance its outreach, making its revolutionary solutions accessible to a wider audience.

As we witness this collaborative venture unfold, the promise is of a decentralized data economy that can change the way we perceive and manage data. The union of GetBlock’s infrastructural prowess with Inery’s innovative vision will undeniably shape the next chapter in the world of blockchain and decentralized solutions.




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