GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in April 2022

4 min readMay 5, 2022


The GetBlock Team works day and night to achieve big goals. So let’s summarize all the results we came to this April.

GetBlock x Fuse video AMA video Session

On the 19th of April, we had an exciting video AMA with Fuse Network. Our Business Development Manager Maria Key together with Fuse Business Development Manager Carl Anthony discussed all the questions that our community was interested in. They also pointed out the USP of both projects. The video AMA was published on GetBlock’s official YouTube channel so you can watch it anytime convenient.
Or you can read a written version of the AMA published on our blog.

Let’s Take a quick look at the questions that were discussed during the AMA:

(Questions to Fuse)

1. Can you name three features of your project that make it ahead of competitors? Or What are the competitive advantages that you feel most confident about?
2. What is Fuse’s vision of decentralized finance (DeFi)? How does Fuse support DeFi?
3. How does Fuse help Validators or why would you advise to become a Fuse validator?
4. Do you have any tutorials about how to run a validator on Fuse?
What are the future plans for Fuse, goals you’re planning to achieve?
5. How many businesses operate on Fuse nodes? Can you name the most successful cases?
6. Can you tell us what can you currently use Fuse for? Basically, tell us about how other projects cooperate with Fuse.
7. The next question that might interest a new member of the Fuse community is the FUSE token utility, can you name the main use cases?
8. And last but not least: The EVM market is highly competitive. What is the USP of Fuse?

(Questions to GetBlock)

1. Tell us about your project, how can you explain what you do in a few sentences.
2. Why use GetBlock API?
3. How is GetBlock different from other service providers?

Make sure not to miss the chance to bring up your question to future AMAs with many different interesting projects! Look forward to hearing the announcements.

New partnerships

Partnership with LOOPStarter

GetBlock announces the partnership with LoopStarter, the first DAO that supports a multi-chain, cross-platform launchpad with a full DEX and deflation mechanism.
Running on GetBlock’s BSC nodes, LoopStarter introduces an all-in-one solution to launch and manage decentralized finances.

Partnership with ChainCade

Another tech-driven partnership we’re excited about is the one with ChainCade they are using our node services to power up their amazing play-to-win ecosystem and the virtual hangouts!
There’s even a wholesome article about it written in ChainCade Medium Blog.

Node version updates

The following nodes had their versions updated:

To start using a shared node, please, register an account and get your API key which will be displayed on the dashboard together with the related data.
If you want to connect to a dedicated node of one of these or other blockchains, feel free to contact one of our Business Development Managers via our Telegram chat.

Video manuals on how to connect to nodes

This month we got two new videos about how GetBlock connects dApps to Cardano mainnet and how GetBlock works with XRP Ledger. They are made as step-by-step guides that will definitely help you to connect to our nodes easily within only 5 minutes. You can find these and other videos on our official YouTube channel.

New Product: Node Cluster

A cluster is a space that hosts a set of nodes and its supporting infrastructure, such as load balancing, failover protection, monitoring, and alerting services. There are a lot of advantages to choosing a Node Cluster for building in Web3, find out why to use a cluster technology.

April was a productive month, but we’re always headed to Infinity and beyond!

Check out our Blog or join us on Twitter to stay informed about our announcements, as there are many to see ahead. We are looking forward to implementing new features and building new partnerships!




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