GetBlock Records: Our Progress and Endeavors in May 2022

GetBlock x Dash AMA Session

This month we had an entertaining and informative video AMA with Dash. Our Business Development Manager Maria Key and Dash Marketing Manager Marina Siradegyan discussed many different questions about Dash Nodes and Masternodes and also discussed the convenience of choosing GetBlock as a Dash Node provider. The video AMA was published on GetBlock’s official YouTube channel so you can watch it anytime.

  1. Briefly introduce the Dash project, what are the mission, vision, values?
  2. What is the Decentralized API of Dash Network, what are the pros of this DAPI?
  3. Tell us about Dash masternodes, what are those, how do they work?
  4. Why is Dash blockchain better than any other one, I mean what is your USP?
  5. Can we move to Dash use cases, please tell us a little about them?
  6. Can you name Dash projects (launched on Dash blockchain), what are the future perspectives here?
  7. We know that Dash is focused on the finance category but how do you think where else will Dash be suitable for (games, social networks anything else?). What Startups do you think is possible to open using DASH?
  8. Are you planning to use your payment system in Russia?
  9. How important is the role of community in the blockchain world, what can you say about your community?
  10. You know that many consider DASH a privacy coin, what is Dash’s attitude towards privacy?
  1. Tell us about your project, why is it more convenient to use your service than to deploy your own Dash node?
  2. What’s the difference between getting a shared and a dedicated node?
  3. Do you have any trial period to see whether it’s really something I need?

New partnerships

Partnership with DropsTab

GetBlock gives users access to shared and dedicated blockchain nodes. GetBlock’s qualified team facilitates the integration of blockchain infrastructures into businesses. There is no need to run a node yourself, the platform allows you to focus on your crypto business while it does the node managing.

Partnership with Cardstack

Another great partnership we’re proud to announce about is the one with Cardstack!
Now that Cardstack is using GNO Archive Nodes provided by GetBlock we work together to open the doors to Web3 for everyday people as partners!
GNO dedicated nodes are necessary for developers who create various dApps like web3 applications, blockchain smart contracts, and other. Deploying a GNO dedicated node is extremely difficult even for an experienced user, so a good alternative that saves the developer time and effort would be to create a Gnosis Chain dedicated node as a service.

Partnership with Tron

TRON (TRX) APIs are increasingly popular according to GetBlock statistics, so now we’re ready to announce the Tron project as GetBlock’s official partner.
GetBlock gives access to Tron (TRX) shared and dedicated nodes via its API. Integrating Tron (TRX) dedicated nodes guarantees every decentralized application an unmatched performance and TPS during the entire cycle of operations. With Tron (TRX) dedicated nodes the number of requests sent and speed are unlimited.

Partnership with Near

GetBlock actually received a development grant from Near Foundation and now is working on the creation of an all-in-one explorer for NEAR, which will soon be released.

New Nodes

GetBlock now provides access to newly deployed nodes:

Video manuals on how to connect to nodes

This month three new videos have been released on our official YouTube channel about how our clients and their dApps interact with the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, with the Polkadot blockchain, and how to connect to Dogecoin Node. They are made as step-by-step guides that will definitely help you to connect to our nodes easily within only 5 minutes.



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