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Recently, on the 8th of June, GetBlock had a Reddit AMA session held by the DigiByte Awareness Team. Every member of the DigiByte community had a chance to find out more about the GetBlock service and ask any questions about it. So here’s a written Recap of this AMA.

GetBlock is a Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that provides instant API access to full shared and dedicated nodes from multiple blockchains, including DigiByte Blockchain, so crypto entrepreneurs don’t need to manage their own servers and nodes anymore and can focus on running their crypto business.

Community member: How much money can I make per month running a DGB node?
GetBlock: Hi, unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this question, it depends on the aim, what are you using the nodes for.

Community member: What are the pros of using GetBlock is it easier than running your own node?
GetBlock: The process of running and managing blockchain nodes is quite difficult, it includes a lot of technical issues such as time, expenses, etc. GetBlock solves many of these problems by providing an easy-to-use, high-performance, and reliable service that gives you access to nodes and replaces the need to run your own node, you can simply focus on your own crypto business.

Community member: Hello GetBlock team! What is the difference between GetBlock and other node providers?
GetBlock: Hello! We’d have to say that we are not quite aware of how other node providers work. But as far as we know, some of our users came to us from other node providers because there was something they were not satisfied with. All we can say is that our service provides you with a dedicated node with an unlimited number of requests that can be used per month, no rate-limiting (still 300–350 RpS is recommended), customization, 24/7 account and tech support, average availability of 99%, JSON-RPC and WebSocket connection. You can also test our service using 40K free shared nodes requests!

Community member: Is there any rate limit for the nodes? How fast is it?
GetBlock: Yes, there is a rate limit for shared nodes — 30 requests per second (we’re doing our best to provide the lowest latency). We provide unlimited RPC for dedicated nodes.

Community member: What is a node anyway? 🤔
GetBlock: In every blockchain network, nodes are the decentralized equivalent of servers. They keep the copies of the blockchain and protect it from malicious attacks. To set up a node you have to download special software, a node client, and download a copy of the whole blockchain. But there’s also a way to request any blockchain information from your virtual node without setting up your own: We can help!

Community member: What time did you set your alarm at night?
GetBlock: It’s hard to say cause our support team works 24/7!

Community member: What are the most popular use cases for your nodes? Tell us about your most recent partnerships!
GetBlock: Recently GetBlock received a development grant from Near Foundation. This funding will fuel the creation of a user-friendly explorer for NEAR Protocol.
We’re also partnering with different amazing projects like Digibyte by providing access to shared and dedicated DGB nodes for crypto projects! There’s a whole section in our blog about our partners and cooperations we’d like to share with you:

Community member: Hi, GetBlock! Do you also provide an endpoint for DigiByte Testnet?
GetBlock: Unfortunately, we don’t have one for shared nodes, but we can certainly arrange it for a dedicated node!

Community member: But what’s the difference between a shared digibyte node and a dedicated one?
Shared node clients can use node servers together with their peers. The number of requests to shared nodes is therefore limited. Typically, we recommend shared nodes as an entry-level option for early-stage dApps with low traffic. Shared nodes can be useful for testing and R&D purposes.
Dedicated nodes’ APIs are our premium-level product: their clients can leverage the technical capacity of a specific server for their purpose. The pricing and details of this offer can be discussed with our sales representatives. Every user of our dedicated node gets unlimited requests, premium 24/7 support, easy-to-use analytical dashboard, access to the blockchain through various API interfaces (JSON-RPC, WS, GraphQL), and the opportunity to deploy third-party software on our infrastructure.

Community member: Can you provide a video on YouTube how to set up everything while explaining what is the purpose of running a node and what is the advantage and all of those details?
Hey, We have several videos on our Youtube channel about how to connect to a certain node with GetBlock and we also have a lecture about blockchain nodes and why are they crucial for crypto that might be helpful!

Thank you for all the questions and your interest in the GetBlock project!
GetBlock is also grateful to Digibyte Awareness Team for arranging this AMA.

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GetBlock is a service that provides fast and easy API connection to blockchain nodes of 50+ cryptocurrencies.