GetBlock’s TRON (TRX) Nodes Usage Spiked in March 2022: Statistics

3 min readMay 12, 2022


Nodes ecosystem of high-performance blockchain TRON (TRX) unlocks massive opportunities for GetBlock’s clients.

TRON (TRX), a fast, decentralized, and resource-efficient blockchain platform, supercharges many popular decentralized applications (dApps) of all types. Despite a significant correction in crypto markets, its API endpoints are red-hot in Q1-Q2, 2022.

TRON (TRX) APIs are increasingly popular: Check out the statistics

As per the statistics by leading dApps tracker Dappradar, there are 1387 decentralized applications up and running on the TRON (TRX) blockchain by Q2, 2022. GameFi, exchanges, and [DeF] are three dominant categories for TRON (TRX) dApps ecosystem.

TRON-based DeFi protocols have amassed about $4 billion in total value locked, DefiLlama says; JustLend, JustStable, and SunSwap are the three most prominent protocols here.

Many TRON-oriented developers have chosen GetBlock’s TRON (TRX) APIs as the technical basis for their development. Even though the crypto correction might be nowhere near its ending, activity on our TRON (TRX) nodes recovers.

Number of requests to TRON (TRX) shared nodes // Image by GetBlock

The last historical high was registered in November of 2021, when crypto capitalization set a new record. It started surging again in March of 2022, after a multi-week correction.

2021 was a remarkable year for GetBlock’s TRON APIs service in terms of onboarding new users.

Number of users of TRON’s nodes API // Image by GetBlock

The net number of users more than quadrupled in one year from 110 in Q1, 2021 to 450 in Q1, 2022. These numbers show that developers bring their apps and users with them as they learn the benefits of deploying on the TRON blockchain.

So far, 20 sophisticated dApps have already chosen GetBlock as their dedicated nodes provider; due to our top-notch service with one of the best possible throughputs in the segment.

TRON x GetBlock: Shared and dedicated nodes for high-load systems

Blockchain nodes APIs provider GetBlock rolled out shared and dedicated nodes for TRON (TRX) decentralized networks. It means that crypto entrepreneurs can either start accessing TRON (TRX) together with their peers or experiment with integrating top-class dedicated nodes. With both options, clients don’t need to run blockchain nodes on their own anymore.

GetBlock’s shared nodes for TRON (TRX) mainnet are available with 99.99% uptime via a JSON-RPC interface with an average connection speed of 1 GBit/sec.

GetBlock’s dedicated nodes for TRON (TRX) mainnet are equipped with 16-thread CPUs with 64GB DDR4 RAM and NVMe SSD hard drives, designed to process unlimited requests..

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