Seasonal Surge in RPC Nodes: GetBlock Unveils Triple RPS Enhancement

3 min readDec 14, 2023
GetBlock RPC provider 3x RPS

In the wake of a renewed interest in Web3, following a prolonged period of downturn in the cryptocurrency market, a fresh wave of enthusiasts is gravitating towards decentralized financial platforms (DeFis), wallets, and various decentralized applications (dApps).

Observing this resurgence, GetBlock has proactively expanded its request per second (RPS) limits, gearing up to support users in the dynamic environment of a potential bull market.

Enhanced Speed at No Extra Cost: Introducing the RPS Boost Initiative Beginning mid-December 2023, GetBlock, a leading provider of RPC nodes for key blockchains, has escalated its RPS limits for all its shared pricing plans, including both “Pay Per Requests” and “Unlimited Access” options on shared nodes. This enhancement elevates the previous 60 RPS cap to an impressive 200 RPS, translating to a substantial 230% increase.

This strategic move by GetBlock aims to meet the evolving needs of the market, especially in light of recent developments: over the past two months, the total value locked (TVL) in net DeFi has surged nearly 50%, rising from $40.9 billion to $58 billion, according to DeFiLlama statistics.

The overall cryptocurrency market capitalization has also witnessed a remarkable growth of approximately 70%, leaping from $1.086 trillion to $1.711 trillion. Consequently, both traffic and transactional activities have skyrocketed. GetBlock’s revised RPC limits are designed to prevent dApps from experiencing downtime, performance issues, or transaction delays.

To benefit from the RPS Boost campaign, users with free packages are encouraged to upgrade to paid versions to avoid the standard 60 RPS limit.

Redefining Industry Standards: GetBlock Leads Among Rivals With the adjusted RPS limits, GetBlock’s shared node packages offer enhanced efficiency for a broad range of dApps. A comparative analysis of 200 RPS attainment costs across different blockchain node providers reveals GetBlock’s competitive edge:

  • GetBlock: $29 for 5 million requests, no expiry
  • ChainStack: $49 for the Growth package, with available discount coupons
  • Moralis: $249 for the Business package (300 CU/s, with 1 EVM request potentially equating to 1–30 CU)
  • QuickNode: $299 for 6000 API credits per second, each request consuming 20–70 API credits
  • ThirdWeb: $999 for the Pro package

In December 2023, therefore, optimizing your dApp with GetBlock’s RPS Boost is a wise decision for emerging DeFi, GameFi, wallet, or NFT marketplace projects.

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Preparing for the Bull Market with Premium Infrastructure For those looking to exceed the 200 RPS threshold, GetBlock provides additional enhancement options accessible via the dashboard. Furthermore, the highest speed levels are available to all dedicated node and Enterprise plan customers.

This upgrade ensures a seamless and expedient transaction experience for both new and existing clients of your dApps.

To maximize security and adaptability, GetBlock is transitioning from API keys to API tokens. Clients are advised to update their endpoints in the account dashboard before the end of the transition period on February 1, 2024.

As the bull market approaches, GetBlock remains committed to supporting your journey.

Seize the opportunities this market shift presents, realizing ambitions that were once just dreams.

Warm regards, The GetBlock Team




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